1. Dog s head. Dragon s Breath.
    This is a artwork created in collaboration with Lola Madrid agency for Magnum. Illustration made only with chocolate.
  6. heathwest:

    Herbert Brandl
    Untitled, 2012
    Oil on canvas
    218 x 170 cm

  7. oxane:

    - Amose -

    Ink and collage on paper
    30 x 42 cm

  8. melklei77:

    Audrey Hepburn by Natalie Nourigat

  9. designlust8:

    do you think this is done via 3D Max or Vray? looks sooo three dimensional ..

    image from: Typography 11 by Peter Tarka - 


  10. ourwhisperedjourneys:

    I  ourwhisperedjourneys  I

    Star Wars Trilogy - Olly Moss

    (Fonte: graphicmilk)

  11. (Fonte: mentalreboot)

  12. visualcontraband:

    Poster//EMUS//Electronic Music Festival, Maurizio Pagnozzi, Napoli

  13. designersof:


    get your work featured by submitting it to designersof.com 

  15. artsfortransit:

    Don’t you love summer mornings? (Well, when it’s not raining or 100+ degrees out!) Check out this #TBT poster Greeting the Dawn by artist William Low, who captures the perfect and beautiful summer sunrise light in Queens.

    Image: William Low, Greeting the Dawn, 2007.